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House Hunting in Japan

Hello there! Let me tell you something about living in Japan. Compared to our country, Japan has some problems with space. In 2009, Japan was ranked 10th among the most populated countries in the World with approximately 127.614 million people living in Japan currently. (more information from Japanese Statistics Bureau). Statistics also ranked Japan in the top 40 in terms of population density with more than 310 people per square kilometer, especially in big cities. Tokyo obviously stands as the most populated city/metropolitan followed by Yokohama and Osaka on the rank. I now live in Yokohama and I'd like to show you the living conditions and how it is to search for an apartment here. are usually rented through real estate agents rather than landlords. Real estate offices can be recognized by listings of available apartments in their show windows. They also advertise on signs in the neighborhood and in various publications.

The rental system of many conventional real estate companies is not very foreigner friendly.
Apartments are usually rented for a minimum of two years, which conflicts with the fact that many foreigners stay in Japan for less than two years.

Furthermore, most landlords are naturally reluctant to rent their apartments to foreigners who are not able to communicate in Japanese. Some of them will even categorically refuse their service to non permanent residents out of fear of frictions.

Many agents also require you to provide them with information about your financial background and to have a guarantor co-sign the rental contract as another security measure. Certain conditions apply as who can serve as your guarantor.

It must usually be a Japanese national with a stable financial background. Tenants are also required to shell out as much as 300,000-400,000 yen for advance payments, key money, deposits in addition to the maintenance fee that will be added to your monthly rental fee. So, I decided to contact the realtor Ms. Miura Mie from Yokohama which is considered as our company's trusted realtor and so the process of acquiring my apartment was smoother than usual and I got a good deal on the rental fee. Make sure you find the right realtor who could understand and speak english or else you have to bring in someone who can speak nihonggo and look for places near malls or train stations. It will definitely make your life a little more easier.

Happy House Hunting!




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